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Coming Out of the Closet


It's a very personal thing, and so much of it depends on the particular circumstances that there is really no right or wrong way to come out of the closet and show your pride.  What is good for one will not necessarily be correct for the next. 

However, there are some universal guidelines for delivering such "news" ... and here they are, remembering that these are broad suggestions:

  • It is best not to make an announcement that may shock during any time of stress.  For example, holidays or during another major life-altering event.

  • Keep alcohol and other drugs out of the not to have a coming out discussion when any party involved is under the influence.

  • Allow ample time for the news to be digested and processed.  Provide for follow-up discussions.

  • Before initiating the discussion, be resolute about keeping your temper in check.

  • Convey the news personally...not in writing or by messenger.

  • Do advance research, and be in a position to handle questions and address concerns of others, even if you perceive them to be unfounded.

  • Pre-arrange for a safe refuge if you feel that the situation could become hostile or dangerous.

  • And, always expect the best, that the ones that love you will not falter in their love.

Patience can be a huge virtue with individuals that appear to be having a difficult time digesting the news.  Time often takes care of this.  Sometimes the difficulty continues, and understand that this has nothing to do with you.


this page updated on 6/14/2016

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